CPU efficiency in Calculate node

In the Calculate node, what is better in terms of CPU efficiency: for example, x/180 or x(1/180)* ?

And with two variables: x/y or x(1/y)* ?

Probably the first option since it has fewer operations. But since your CPU can do billions of floating-point operations per second, you’d have to be dividing a lot of numbers for it to make a perceptible difference. Also, it takes way more CPU operations than just that little math expression to execute the node, copy the outputs to the connected inputs, etc. It’s nice that CPUs are really really fast :)

Ah, OK. I’ve seen in other dataflow programming software (like SonicBirth) that divisions are really not ideal and turning divisions into multiplications (1/180 becoming a constant by being calculated only once) is a better approach. If Vuo is not sensitive to this, so much the better.


This is probably one of the advantages of Vuo nodes being coded in C, closer to the metal. Correct me if I’m wrong, Jaymie but I always thought QC was too slow on iterating maths patches and screen draws for simple objects like GL Lines and that was why I looked forward for a C based implementation of nodes and modern GLSL implementation of rendering. Although now I don’t do this kind of work much :-\