CPU Performance Meter

I don’t know if it’s something that other users would need but, since I always find myself going to OS X Activity Monitor app to see how the composition is “performing”, I would like to have a CPU (and GPU?) performance meter within Vuo.

The other dataflow programming environment that I use have such meters: Plogue Bidule displays performance per core and SonicBirth has an offline performance meter.

Is that feasible for Vuo?

Sure, that would be feasible. I’ve converted your question to a feature request and opened it for voting.

CPU (and GPU?) performance meter

For GPU, it could at least show the VRAM consumption. Possibly it could also show the percent usage for GPUs that provide the info.

Cool, thanks!

Until then I currently use iStat Menus for this (https://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/). I find it’s pretty good and unobtrusive.

Can this include FPS feedback?
And tools for determining where the bottleneck is in the composition?


There is a discussion and compositions on the tabled FR Execution Time that may be useful for finding a composition bottleneck.

If you’d like FPS feedback, please open a new Feature Request.