Crash, lost work, recovery?

Any hope or is this a FR? Stupid late night carelessness, lots of tedious repetitive work lost cuz I didn’t save…

From the manual, wah…

Don’t be afraid to experiment (but first save a copy of your composition).

Auto save feature request? Do it! Great idea!

I use FCPX almost everyday and that doesn’t even have a save button anymore! ;-)

Assuming this is still the same, i.e., no auto-save or crash recovery? Lost work trying to select some nodes > right-click > subcomp. In fact subcompositions have been unstable all around for me since jumping back into Vuo last couple weeks – freezing comps until (attempted) subcomp is deleted, now crashing. I should have known better. (M1 Mac mini, Vuo 2.3.0 currently).  

Yes, an auto-save is a big plus. Every week, I see a student production saved by the auto-save in Avid Pro Tools. The fact that I work with computers since the 80s has made my left thumb and index my auto-save, but I understand that for most people, the computer program should do it.

@Kewl haha true, if I had a dollar for each time I do the thumb-cmd + index-s combo I’d be richer than Elon Musk ;)
It’s automatic there must be some special neuronal links that formed throughout the years for this purpose :)

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Sure guys, no excuses here, I do know better! I’m not sure why sometimes my “always save” reflex gets short-circuited, especially when the app has been crashing a lot.

I do think Apple’s saveless document approach is brilliant in FCPX. Kinda makes the rest seem out of date.  

Using Cast Wysiwyg certainly exercise the save muscles :sweat_smile:

Saveless has been around for a lot of stuff for a long time. I’m a bit ambivalent to it as I often open files, work on something, think it’s a turd and close without saving to start again. I know “Save As” exist (and I use that as well) but I prefer a recover history approach combined with autosave every x minutes/actions. A recover history also gives multiple save your ass points if a cause for a crash gets written into your save file.

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FYI: Autosave Feature Request

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