Create multiple instances of stateful node

You can of course create multiple instances of stateless node using a Process List node. But if I would have to create multiple Syphon servers using a Process List node Vuo creates only one instance of Syphon server (which is a stateful node) and process list by changing only an input data on that node. How can I do that thing with stateful nodes? (e.g create multiple windows from list of cameras, create multiple counters, …)

Thanks, cheers.

Currently, there’s no way to use a stateful node like Send Image via Syphon or Render Image to Window iteratively. The only way to have multiple windows / Syphon servers is to put multiple copies of the node in your composition.

I encourage you to vote for the feature request Allow changing single-value ports to accept lists (turn most nodes into iterators). And hopefully more people will vote if you leave a comment on the feature request saying what you want to use it for / why it’s important to you (example: “I’m doing an installation that takes input from 50 cameras, runs each video through an image filter, and displays output on 50 screens. Having to put 50 copies of the same node in my composition is too hard to deal with”).

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