Creating a template for 4x4 MIDI controllers

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the hard work on 2.0 and much respect for everyone in the community!

I’m trying to build a responsive visual template for live finger drumming with Maschine, which is technically a 4x4 MIDI controller.
I want each pad to be represented with a square in a VUO composition and based on the pad I hit (= MIDI notes 60-76) I want the square to appropriate change behaviour.
Several questions:

  1. Which nodes would be best to use if I need to match a value to a square? I tried Select Output, but it only supports 8 options.
  2. Basic change to behaviour I wanted to test was color, but the squares just turn black.
  3. Ideally I’d like to have a template composition that would allow me to trigger any craziness based on the pad I hit. Say, part of the pads would changes whole scene rotation, some would generate elements and some produce waves emanating from the square. Any directions to this? Maybe demo compositions?

I’ve attached my take on this, notes stubbed and generated each half a second.
Thanks a ton!

Maschine.vuo (12.5 KB)

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Hi @mcfoton ;)

Your squares turn black because in your select output you have set the color alpha to zero ;)

Regarding the rest, you’re right that select output only allows max 8 output. There is a request to allow more : Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports.

But even if it allowed more, it would track only 1 note (monophonic) at the time. I’m no MIDI expert at all, and don’t know if your MIDI is monophonic or polyphonic (maybe monophonic since you have selected the Track Single Note node instead of track several notes). It would also change the color once played, but not revert it back to original once note released.

For more, one way would be to use 16 Get Item From List nodes for each square, since there are only 16, and along, to use Martinus Magneson’s custom 'Replace Items In List" node (this will also revert back to original color once released) (node joined in the zip folder. Compositions in the same folder can use it, install it in your Vuo modules folder if you want to use across all your comps).

Joined are some comps :
1 attempts several notes tracking & changes colors (4 firsts pads connected).
2 changes several colors + monophonic event to rotate a pad (pad 1)
3 changes several colors + polyphonic boolean → event list to rotate pads (pad 1 only connected)

Just replace the Random List nodes with the Track Midi Notes node to use midi instead of test mode.

PS maybe there are easier methods, but this is what I came up with.

Capture d’écran 2019-09-03 à 00.29.24.png (40.9 KB)


@Bodysoulspirit, this is just awesome! You even addressed the issues that I didn’t yet think about: polyphony :)
Some new concepts in the composition, I’ll look into working with lists and the nodes you’ve shared and report back!
Thanks :heart::heart::heart:

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@Bodysoulspirit, I’m back with an update.
This List nodes you’ve introduced are just the thing I was lacking. Awesome! Now I just need to figure a way to

  • use either images\layers\3d objects to represent each pad so that I have the easiest approach to changing their properties.
  • use subcomposition to wrap around the MIDI-to-pad block and have a clean interface of published ports to interact with it
  • have arbitrary effects\events connected to each pad

So I’ll go study some examples and play some more with it . Will report back, most probably after the vacation in 2-3 weeks.
Thanks again for pointing me the direction!

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