Cropped Composition Gallery Preview

Hi guys,

When submitting a composition to the gallery I found it hard to make a nice preview. I understand images get square cropped but would it be possible not to crop these when the updated images are already are squares ?

For example I just submitted a composition with a 766 x 766 px square preview :

When submitted, it looks good on the composition page :

But gets cropped on the gallery page :

Or could the team perhaps give some information about how much pixels the image is being cropped if you know that ?

No cropping for square images and cropping using the images their smallest height or width for rectangular images could be great (for example for a 1024 x 768 image, could get cropped at 768 x 768).

Just a guess – 512x512px is a standard (powers of 2, ie, 512, 256, 128, etc.), looks like it could be it compared to your image?

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@jersmi thanks for input.

On my MBP 13" screen the website seems to show gallery previews of 212x212 px.
Don’t know if this is hard coded cropping or adaptive site layout to screen size.

Just resized my image to 212 pixels and reuploaded the preview again. Same thing but quality worse.
Tried 512x512 … Same cropping ratio.

So I guess it crops some amount of pixels on the borders no matter what size the image is.

Thanks tough

Ah yeah, I see that, I care about these things, too…

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Well … after reuploading 10 different preview sizes it seems my 766 x 766 needed an extra 194 pixels borders on every sides.

So for those who interested I had to upload a 1154 x 1154 px image with a 766 x 766 square of my image in it to look good on the gallery.

Just don’t know if all images will need 194 borders or if it is depending on the initial image size. We’ll see in the next upload.

Still hope one day square images won’t be recropped anymore, and rectangle images will be cropped at the smallest image size.

So the image for the preview looked like this :

Ok just added a new composition in the gallery, added 2x 194 px borders and don’t get a perfect preview on the gallery (see screenshot) :s


The composition gallery takes the first image of each composition, scales it to fill a 320x320 square, then crops a 212x212 pixel square from the center of that image. The motivation for doing it this way was to handle screenshots of OS X windows (including the window border and shadow), for example on Parametric Curves. Grabbing the center square from the screenshot allows the previews on to look like a continuous field of images.

@jstrecker thanks for answer. Sounds logic, thanks for the details.

These details could perhaps be added to the “Add a preview” section when submitting a composition because these are hard to guess when you try to make an already cropped image fitting well on the gallery ;)

@Bodysoulspirit, added :)