Custom Node using C++


I am currently stuck. I want to create Custom Nodes. Therefore i would like to use C++ files. I followed the tutorial on how to create a basic custom node by copying the examples an changing them. So far so good. But as soon i add a C++ file and include it I get the error: “unknown type name class”. I guess i have to alter the pro file and add the ability to compile c++ files, but i don’t know how. Any help is much appreciated.


If you check out the audio nodes (specifically make audio wave) in Vuo source, that may give a better explanation of using c++ in Vuo. The audio is generated using the c++ library Gamma.

I haven’t delved into c++ that much, mainly just c and GLSL.

I am also interested in learning how best to do this in Vuo.  

Does the C++ file have extension .cc? The file extension should clue in the compiler that it should be treated as C++.