Custom shaders

In the roadmap I see that “Create graphics shaders using visual language” and “Edit GLSL text code in Vuo Editor” are not planned to appear in VUO any time soon. I hope it will be possible to create graphics shaders (“GLSL text”) in an external editor and using them in VUO sooner than that. Because without shaders, what can we do (these days)?

The ability to work close to the hardware, using a “friendly” dialect of GLSL for graphics processing in Quartz Composer is what got me in to shader programming, and what is still pushing me towards QC even though I can now do the same in C++.

@ahoeben: As of Vuo 0.5.4, currently you can create Vuo nodes that provide GLSL-based image filters and shaders, but you must do it outside the Vuo Editor. This answer describes the process.

Also, soon we’ll be having a poll to prioritize the “not yet scheduled” features on the roadmap. Be sure to cast your vote for GLSL in that poll!

Sorry I missed the Q&A section. Things are a bit fragmented between Discussions, Q&A and Feature Requests.

This would be my most desired feature, and the main reason I still use QC every day, because of the ability to view the output of the shader change without compiling, and the benefits of the render in image patch in conjunction with the shader patch. I can get a lot of mileage out of the texture output of Audio Tools, osc, a shader patch, and render in image (+clear). If that all could be done in VUO, I’d probably immediately abandon QC.

VUO is great BTW! Loving it.