Cycle through list

Hi everybody and happy new year :)

I’m doing an animation controlled by a game controller (Logitec F310), the goal is when I press a button from the game controller (by ex. RB, named Button 6 on vuo) it goes to the next item from my list of images.
When I press the RB button from the game controller, the value is 1 and when I release it the value return to 0.

I use the “The Cycle Through List” node, if I connect directly to the “Go forward” input, it jump to the 2 next image because the value changes from 1 to 0 when I release the RB button from the game controller.

How can I set the “Go forward” only receive the value 1 ?

thanks in advance

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Hi @vj_dobermann and Happy NY too ;)

Using a Became True node should do the trick, it will only fire when the value became true, here when the value is greater than 0,5.

Hope this helps, cheers

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Hi @Bodysoulspirit
great thanks it exactly what I need ! :)

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