Deploy compositions as OpenFX

Allow compositions to be deployed as OpenFX plugins. Blackmagic Resolve NLE uses OpenFX.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

BlackMagic Design have included OpenFX plugin support to Fusion 9 with VR (release August 1, 2017).

They’ve also dropped the price of Fusion from $995 to US$299, and you can install as many times as you like as rendering nodes for free. Fusion has a load of high-end compositing tools built in like a new planar tracker that can scan video footage and work out camera moves and focal lengths for AR and other comping effects. I don’t know the OpenFX architecture and if it offers anything beyond what FXPlug offers in Motion, but Fusion looks considerably more powerful than Motion.

I’m not a user of Fusion but if there was a pathway to use my VUO comps as plugins it could make a good design tool, the way FCP & Motion will be for Vuo image effects when it can export FxPlug which has been choosen by @teamvuo to be implemented, hopefully it will be in the next major release, v1.3