Dictation (speech-to-text) in 'Receive Keyboard Typing' node

Enable the Receive Keyboard Typing node to receive text entered by OS X Dictation, the Mac’s built-in voice recognition system (System Preferences > Dictation & Speech).

Putting in some votes for this. I’m working on a project where it would be great to be able to caption video (as best as can be expected by machine captioning) in real time. I believe the Mac OS API it would need to leverage is this one: Speech | Apple Developer Documentation

I’m not sure if Mac transcription corrects older words as newer words come in (as iOS transcription does). If so, some thought might need to be given to how this is handled — perhaps it’s basically text string that continues to update.

I would be hoping for the ability to produce something like the Apple Clips apps real-time transcription; Clips - Apple (AU)