Directory scanner

Propose a directory scanner…scans a directory and returns a list of files of a particular type, say audio, movies, images …
I have generally used this to create randomness in compositions, saves hard coding content, or simply stepping tough a number of digital assets.
Similar to the “Directory Scanner” patch in qc.
“This patch scans a directory at a given path, possibly recursively, and build a list of the image, movie or composition files it contains.
The directory path is considered absolute if starting with ‘/’, relative to the current user directory if starting with ‘~’, or otherwise relative to the location of the Quartz composition file if available.”

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This is our plan. We’re going to try to get it included in 0.9.

  • Vuo node: List Files — vuo.file.list
    • Input ports:
      • VuoUrl path — default “” — Path to search
      • VuoBoolean includeSubfolders , default false, When true, recursively searches subfolders
      • VuoFileType fileType. ( VuoFileType, for now, is an enum type containing: Image, Audio, Movie, Text, Scene.) Eventually we could expand it to use a custom input editor allowing the user to enter a custom extension / mime-type.
      • Output ports:
        - VuoList_VuoUrl files

Additional nodes: Get List of Images: node that takes VuoList_VuoUrl as input and provides VuoList_VuoImage as output. Same with VuoSceneObject and VuoText.  

In Vuo 0.9, we added a few new nodes: List Files, Fetch List of Images, and Fetch List of Scenes.