"Discard data from event"

Hello, I am following a Vuo 1.x tutorial about using Syphon with VDMX. The author of the tutorial is using a node called “discard data from event”, but I cannot find it in the node library. Does it go by a different name now or has it been replaced by a different node? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Hi Malcom, there’ a feature that surely replace the need of that node, could be that it was replaced for this reason. If you hold down shift key while dragging from a node output, you’ll notice that you’re drawing a thin cable, rather usual thick cable obtained by simply dragging. Thin cables just carry the event, discarding the data. This should avoid the use of “discard data from event” in the tutorial. See also "Ignoring data" section in documentation.


Thank your for the tip!