Display video on second screen

I am just getting started with Vuo so sorry for the basic question.

I want to play 2 videos in sync, and I want them to play in different monitors.

I can’t seem to figure out how to control the placement of the windows.

Right now I have Fire on Start → Play Movie → Render Image to Window. But when I attach Change Window Screen to the Set Window of Render Image to Window, it has no effect - I have to manually move the window and fullscreen it.

Hi ooftv and welcome to Vuo.

“Change Windows Screen” nodes needs to receive an event to be activated and route its output to “Render Image to Windows” nodes. So, just add two event cables from “Fire on Start” and I think this will solve the external monitor position. There’s a second issue in cable connecting “Change Window Screen” set to display on main monitor, and its “Render Image to Window”. You shouldn’t use a thin cable (event-only), but a data-and-event cable. Probably you’d need some time to read documentation, that explain all basics you need.


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Welcome @ooftv

@cremaschi nailed it. I just wanted to add —no need to feel sorry for asking…I think this is a big issue that must confuse most new users (leaving them to quit Vuo)

Your intention, as a design, is for the Change Window Screen to have an impact on Render Image to Window. However, given the wiring you show, the Change Window Screen node can never have any impact.

That’s a chasm between clear user intention and program result that I would call a major UI issue.

Thank you both. Of course the problem was I read pretty much no documentation but I went through some examples and was able to get it to work.

As far as the UI issue, all I can say is Vuo is much, much easier to get cool things going than Quartz Composer was for me. I was able to get multi screen video sync and OSC input without much trouble. Really fantastic stuff.


The Show Events mode might helpful for future situations like this.

I’m guessing the Vuo compiler could deduce that some nodes will never run, because they have no input?

We’ve had some discussions about warnings for nodes lacking connections.

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Thanks! I’m sure it will make a big difference. I use Vuo for hours daily at the moment as I work on my needFive.com app. And I still occasionally forget to set up wiring for a node and wonder why a big chunk of something is not working.

Thinking some more on this, since I hit this issues all. the. time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a broader implementation idea: https://community.vuo.org/t/-/6854

@keithlang, i used to code mimoLive and stand alone apps with Syphon output in QC for an events and sports broadcast company and was toying with the idea of adapting them in Vuo for use in Zoom etc. Also now that livestreaming is taking off making some of them available to mimoLive users — but having to run an old macOS just to author them for mimoLive is a bit of a PITA TBH. Enter Vuo to the rescue I hope… still not anywhere near as confident with Vuo like i am with QC and to some extent Origami though.

Keen to see how you app turns out and if Vuo can cut it for consumer oriented app coding. Best of luck… fortunately we are working with different concepts or we’d potentially be competitors, but there’s probably over a billion Zoom/Teams/whatever users out there, room for everybody !!