Do image dimensions matter?

when working with still images like .png when the output is 1920x1080 in vdmx, is it better to use 16:9 dimension image (rectangular one)?
Or would the calculation be done faster if I use square images multiplied by 16 (512x512,1024x1024) like for example in Blender?
Thank you

It really depends on your hardware and what all processing of the image is being done in Vuo and VDMX. In some situations, it’s true that images with power-of-two dimensions are processed faster. I would recommend making a comparison on your own system — load different versions of a Vuo composition in VDMX, one using 16:9 images and the other using power-of-two images — and see if you notice a difference.

Hi @jstrecker,thanks for your answer. That’s exactly what I had in mind as it is recommended to use power-of-two dimensions images in Blender for faster calculation I was wondering if it was the same in Vuo. Will try than to load example of each and see how it goes.