Drag Built Layers with the Mouse?

In this comp, is there a way to drag each dot (built layer) separately with the mouse, like I can with the white dot layer?

Perhaps this is related to the FR around “Is within…” alpha/depth and maybe Position/orient 3D objects by using the mouse on the rendered output

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.49.50 PM copy.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.50.32 PM copy.png

dragLayer.vuo (6.69 KB)

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You might be able to do it by splitting the Build List loop into two loops, one that builds/updates the list of layer center points and one that builds the layers.

I made an attempt in that direction, attached. Two main problems. One, the circle flickers between the old and new position as you drag it. This happens because the first Process List loop checks Is Point within Layer every iteration instead of just when the drag starts. Problem two, you can only successfully drag the layer once. The first Process List loop needs to remember the new center instead of continuing to use the original one. Anyway, despite the problems, maybe this gives you something to build on.

dragLayer_2016-05-04.vuo (10.7 KB)

Cool, Jaymie, thank you. I’ll chip away.

I was also wondering how Is Point Within Layerpasses “Rendered Layers” names to the layer port. Is there anything there that could block progress? Edit: I see what you did using “Process Item”, nevermind!

@jersmi, did you solved the flickering problem?

No, tried at the time and tabled it for later, hoping there might be something in 10.3 that might help solve it.