Draggable Camera in VDMX


Currently if I have a Draggable Camera in Vuo and import that comp into VDMX, the zoom in / out works on my mouse wheel / trackpad when on the Preview Plugin and on the Main Output window. It would be cool + useful if I could drag around the scene like I can in Vuo. Ideally dragging on the Preview Plugin as then you wouldn’t see the mouse in the Main Output. Is this something that would be supported? I can add a different camera of course but it’s quite nice having the Draggable type of control within VDMX itself.


There is a feature request for this. In order for it to work in VDMX, VDMX would need to be able to forward mouse events to the Vuo composition. Once we implement the FR, the VDMX developers would need to add support in VDMX for the new protocol.

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Thanks, have added some votes!