Embed movies from Vimeo/YouTube onto Vuo forum posts

Sometimes one wants to link to a video on Youtube or Vimeo and have it appear on the page not just as a link. Often videos are larger than 250MB so they can’t be uploaded to vuo.org also and this would provide a work around and save Team Vuo the data serving costs.

Oh so i discovered the web tab after clicking the video button now!

Please delete request.  

Actually I cannot get either upload video file or load or embed iframe of YouTube video going. It gets most of the way through the process, including a screen with a green tick when I upload saying upload complete but then collapses to an error screen:

When I hit next I get a confirmation for less than a second that the file has uploaded then this screen:
This one says “You are not authorised to view this page”:


Fixed the permissions issue.