Employ OS X Finder searches in File > Open Composition

Be nice to have robust system wide searches with names, fragments, tags, etc., for .vuo files, like QC.

In QC, you’d do this with a Smart Folder, right? You can do the same in Vuo…

  • Finder > File > New Smart Folder
  • Click the + near the top right.
  • Select “Kind” is “Other” and type “Vuo Composition” into the box.
  • Click Save, type “Vuo Compositions”, ensure “Add To Sidebar” is checked, and click Save.
  • Launch Vuo 1.2.2, File > Open Composition.
  • In the left sidebar, click “Vuo Compositions”.
  • It shows the results of that saved search.

Or am I missing the point of your feature request?

Well, Jaymie, thanks for teaching me how to use Smart Folders – I’m a little behind on the depths of spotlight. It works as you describe. To do what I want looks like after I create the smart folder I need to first click on the sidebar item with my mouse then go to the search bar at the upper right of the finder window and type something to refine my search.

QC does not require a smart folder (though the searches are certainly “smart”). Cmd-O + tab takes me to the upper right search bar – fast and convenient not having to click with my mouse on an extra item on my already cluttered sidebar.

So, I vote for having .vuo files (at least – probably all files useful to working in Vuo) populate when using the basic finder search bar in the Open menu, without requiring a smart folder. As it is, it remains an empty window when I type something in the field.  

@jersmi, thanks for explaining.

While trying to figure out if it would be possible to make the search bar work, we ended up getting it working! We plan to include this in the 1.2.3 release.

That’s great!

Released in Vuo 1.2.3.

You may need to take some steps to get this to work when updating from a prior version to Vuo 1.2.3:

  • Download, unzip, and launch Vuo Editor 1.2.3
  • Rebuild the Spotlight cache: open Terminal, type sudo mdutil -E / and press Return. Repeat for each external disk, changing the / to the path to the external disk (e.g., sudo mdutil -E /Volumes/External\ Disk).
  • After the Spotlight cache is done rebuilding (there’s an indicator when you click the Spotlight icon in the menu bar), Vuo compositions should show up in Vuo Editor’s Open Dialog’s search widget