Error compiling sub comp after upgrade to

Hi All,

I’ve upgraded to and also upgraded my OS to macOS Monterey 12.2.1.

I’ve been resaving my older comps created in V2.3.2 as I want to use in my latest VDMX version b0.

I wiped my Mac so just re-creating my sub comps.

In my first comp jonmarks.scale.make.image

But received this error but not sure how to fix this please.

Error saving comp, see error message.

Couldn’t get backing node class, Integer uses generic types but it couldn’t be compiled.

I checked the console but cannot see any related messages.

Any ideas please?

jonmarks.scale.make.image.vuo (3.11 KB)

@jon121, I tried to reproduce the problem and the composition saved OK for me (no errors).

Did you make any changes to the composition before saving?

That error message could indicate that you somehow ended up with a published port whose data type is Generic. Vuo is supposed to prevent you from doing that, but if it doesn’t, then you can delete and recreate the published port.