Even easier way to start developing nodes with VSCode


Noticed that the example files for making nodes now have changed since I got started with it. Without the reliance on .pro files for QT-creator, it is now even easier to get started - and you don’t have to deal with the whole QT-creator licensing thing.

Install CMake, Download Visual studio code (MS but open… or something like that), install CMake for VSCode and CMakeTools inside VSCode*, open the example folder and you should be set! :)

*you might have to enter the path to CMake in the VSCode config


so I tried this. at first I downloaded visual studio and not visual studio code, I now know they are two different apps. I installed cmake via home-brew then opened an example from the sdk and vs code wanted to install c++ tools and cmake tools, I did this. I then ran the example via the terminal inside vs code and it built as expected.

it however gives me errors if I try to run as debug from vs code menu ? it doesn’t know where #include “node.h” is. are you running the project and its building the node without having to run make with the terminal ? I didn’t set any paths in vs code config to cmake ? not really sure how to do that. its my first day with vs code.