"Excessive wakeups" warnings in Console

Steps causing the bug to occur

Running (some?) compositions on some systems generates warnings like this:

kernel[0]: process VuoCompositionLo[8693] caught causing excessive wakeups. Observed wakeups rate (per sec): 1868; Maximum permitted wakeups rate (per sec): 150; Observation period: 300 seconds; Task lifetime number of wakeups: 45026

The warnings don’t seem to cause any problem other than cluttering up Console.

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 1.2.1
  • How severely does this bug affect you? Not much; I’m just letting you know about it.

@jstrecker how is this an issue in Vuo 1.2.1 and also fixed in 1.2.1? Was it an issue in 1.2.0?

Oops, I went overboard selecting menu items — the bug is an issue in Vuo 1.2.1 (and possibly earlier versions), and has not yet been fixed.

:-) (I should have logged a bug report on the bug report reporting!)

Fixed in Vuo 1.2.2.