Export 3D Mesh

A Node that would export a mesh created in Vuo.

.obj .dae etc…

This is a great FR!

However I can’t see Vuo getting 3D modelling features soon, and I don’t know if that is on the radar. Considering that tools such as blender- Etc are so detailed at mesh generation and sculpting.

Maybe there needs to be a FR for more procedural mesh tools- for example a Nurbs style tool that shrinks or grows a 3D mesh dependent on where it is positioned in 3D space?

Looking to export a mesh that has been created in Vuo for use in other 3d packages.

Opened for voting as a Pro feature request. Thanks for suggesting, @krezrock.

Being able to export a mesh could be useful with Vuo’s parametric point + line mesh generation and 3D object filters.

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I think this feature would be particularly cool, I often deform models I’ve found online to create interesting landscapes using the explode, noise, displace nodes. It would be great to export these as objs, not only would I be able to reimport it and reprocess it but I was wondering if I could take some of these into unreal engine.


i want gltf output node:)
Who's working on open-source glTF 2.0 projects? · Issue #867 · KhronosGroup/glTF · GitHub  

wow I disappeared down that rabbit hole for 30 minutes @vjsatoshi!  

+1! Adding to this the ability to export an FBX for import into eg. Unity

GLTF support would be a great feature. Satoshi way ahead here.