Export Movie via Image Gen Protocol -- Audio?

Here’s one example of Save Frames to Movie (attached). It pairs an audio soundtrack that plays in real time with video frames that are produced slower than real time. (Insert your own audio file.)

If your composition is audio-reactive — the audio and video are not independent as above, but rather the audio affects the video — you could try the strategy here: save the audio analysis to a file, then read the file back into the composition that you export to movie.

I’ll look at it again. I assume in using Export that I’ll end up with two files: one with video only and the other with audio only?

The Save Frames/Images to Movie node produces a file containing video and optionally audio. File > Export > Movie produces a file containing video only. (You’d use one or the other, not both.)

SaveFramesToMovieExample.vuo (8.2 KB)