exported app does not work

Vuo 1.1.1
this app runs if i open the app in same machine where vuo is install
on a second mac mini the app just opens a back screen

this file is a mod from a example file

any advice is very welcome

spyhon-waves-cubes.vuo (8.03 KB)

Hi Balam, I have Vuo installed on my computers so I cannot test it.

What OS X version is the Mac running ? I know VUO 1.1 needs OS X 1.7 to run, perhaps it’s the same for exported apps ?

Just an idea.

they both are Yosemite.
set to run any app


Perhaps something to do either with the microphone or with the external screen.

As you composition needs sound to show lines, no sound means no lines means black screen.

Try to add something colorful not depending on sound to be shown to test that.


My fault
I forgot to plug a mic to my mac mini!
but discover a new peoblem.
I get 2 windows on the app

balam, I’m glad you got your first issue solved. (Thanks, Bodysoulspirit!)

For the 2 windows, is it possible that you have 2 copies of the app running? If you click on one window and do ⌘Q, does it also close the other window?