Exported App hangs

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. Run attached composition, heavy but runs fine.
  2. Stop the composition, works.
  3. Export to app, works
  4. Run app, works
  5. Exiting app, hangs

How did the result differ from what you expected?

It should quit.

Have you found a workaround?


Other notes

  • Vuo version: 1.2.0
  • macOS version: OS X 10.10

Getting a lot of these messages in the console:

WindowServer[172]: Surface testing disallowed updates for 10 sequential attempts…

WindowServer[172]: Surface test allowed updates after 11 attempts

And this one that I found weird since I didn’t have any audio running at all, and nothing of the sort in the exported app either:

kernel[0]: process Magnesons Blurre[15639] caught causing excessive wakeups. EXC_RESOURCE supressed due to audio playback

I also noted that the camera turned off after a while when trying to quit, but then it turned back on again.

MBlurredSpace.vuo (2.08 KB)

Magneson.blurredSpace.vuo (5 KB)

The exported app also hangs for me. I’m not seeing the console messages, though. Anyway, we’ll look into it.

@MartinusMagneson, do you still see the problem with Vuo 1.2.2? I can get it to hang in 1.2.1 but not 1.2.2, so it might have been fixed as a side effect of something else.

Here are new versions of your composition and subcomposition. In Vuo 1.2.2 we fixed a bug that your composition relied on to work — handling of semitransparent layers with layer blend modes — but I’ve approximated how it used to look by changing the layer opacity to 1 for the blended layers in the subcomposition. Also I removed some redundant cables / event streams so it won’t be as heavy.

(Even in Vuo 1.1.1, I couldn’t reproduce the problem with the less-heavy composition and subcomposition.)

MBlurredSpace 2016-05-17.vuo (2.05 KB)

magneson.blurredSpace_2016-05-17.vuo (5.23 KB)

Fixed in Vuo 1.2.2.