Extend vuo.file.exist to support non-local URLs such as HTTP (was: vuo.file.exist doesn't access http url)

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vuo.file.exist gives a wrong result

Workaround: Yes, but less stable.
Would like to use https://www.google.com/ to determine if the app can access the internet.

Loading a file increases the risk of malfunctions because a file can be deleted

Bug vuo.file_.exist on internet.vuo (1.11 KB)


Yes, the File Exists node only supports local files/folders. If you are interested in whether or not you app can access the internet, we could add a new node that checks that. If that’s of interest to you, please create a feature request so we can find out if others in the community are also interested.

We’ve turned this bug into a feature request to extend the capability of the node to include non-local files/folders.