External Resource Loading Problems? This may solve it...

After updating VUO yesterday, it wouldn’t load images. Even though I had answered the Gatekeeper prompt that I wished to use VUO.

Console was whining about the code signing, interestingly.

After closing VUO, then reopening via control+click, and choosing Open from the menu that pops up, everything started working fine. I didn’t even get a Gatekeeper prompt the second time opening, so I am unsure why it would make a difference, but it did.

Just a little head’s up, if anyone has similar problems.

So weird. It’s like Gatekeeper got confused and thought Vuo was sandboxed and wouldn’t let your composition read certain files. But why didn’t that break more stuff? I’m surprised it would be able to run a composition at all.

Not sure what happened there, but if it happens again, please let us know. Thanks for the workaround.

The codesigning (cs_invalid_page) warnings are apparently harmless, though annoying. They’re also happening when compositions run successfully.