This is a composition created for use in Resolume (etc) as an FFGL plug. It’s designed to be used on a channel with a moving image and a lot of clear space (ie zero opacity). The feedback fills up in the clear space and then is automatically masked so that it has a “decay” and you can still see any background layers beneath.

I’d love some feedback (ha). I suspect this qualifies as a thoroughly noob composition. I’m sure there must be simpler ways of doing this.

I’m using the “Blend Image with Feedback” node ONLY to transform the image. This seems very clunky. Is there a simple “image transform” node? Why can’t I see one!

Also is there a better way to clear feedback in the loop? I tried a few things and all I could get to work was the “Mask Image by Brightness”. This means you can’t really use black in the feedback. Can any of you pros think of an easier way to do it?

I realize you can use the “Blend Image with Feedback” node to do a very simple feedback and it creates the opacity just fine, the feedback also works as a black. However this node DOESN’T have a hue shift, which is arguably the most interesting parameter to change. So in order to shift the hue I went from a composition with just one node to this relatively gigantic thing you see here.

As I said… feedback quite welcome.

PS: Works ok in Resolume 6, not sure about 7.


This has been saved as a Vuo Composition - you may need to export it as a FFGL plug in order to try it out in Resolume. If you want to try it out in Vuo you may need to create both foreground and background video layers in order to check opacity.

~feedbckAutoMaskPanic.vuo (15.3 KB)



This composition looks good! Haven’t used it yet. But it looks fun.