FFGL Audio device Input PublisH

Hi !
I am creating some audio-reactive FFGL in vuo
to use in resolume

I am trying to publish the audio input device to be able to choose it from resolume but I am not succeeding.

I try with node `` selec input ‘’
but in resolume it appears to me as a slider …

Does anyone know a better solution?

It would be great if I can see the List of names of the devices and be able to choose them from resolume

Thanks in advance and nice to be part of VUO community !!

I was able to fix the slider problem …
you have to update resolume to the last version
and now I can choose between
input 1 and input 2 …
Anyway, if someone finds a better way to see and choose the audio ports that are active inside resolume, that would be great!!

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You can use Specify Audio Input by Name and publish its text input. We attached an example that works in Resolume Arena 7.2.

audiowave.vuo (2.59 KB)

@jmcc Thanks for your answer!! I did not understand how it worked in the beginning, but now I see it more clearly.
you have to write the exact name in the parameter and work okey …
thank you very much for the example too !!