FFGL for Resolume

Hi there!

I’m user of Resolume Arena v7, and using vuo 2.0.0(beta3) for exporting FFGL plug-ins.
Now I have a Issue. In Resolume v7.0.2 could shown and worked exactly, but sadly, v7.0.3 or later can’t that.
(By the way, even Resolume v6 worked perfectly.)

Is that because of difference FFGL1.6 and 2.1?
Is there a way for using by v7.0.3 or later?


We’re aware that VuoReal and VuoColor inputs don’t work in Resolume 7.0.3+ due to changes in Resolume 7.0.3 concerning ranges. We hope to have that fixed in our next Vuo 2.0 beta release.

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Thank you for corresponding, Jean Marie.
That’s good news for me. I’ll wait for the next beta release!

In the latest version of Resolume 7.2, applying any Plug-ins exported from Vuo to a clip causes the application to crash.
(FFGL exported using JuiceBar’s editor works fine…)

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I ran into the same issue – the newest version of Resolume crashes with every FFGL plugin I made in Vuo. For now, I downgraded Resolume. Hope this can be solved :)

As I have reported here, I am also encountering the same problem and I hope it can be resolved soon ;)  

We just released Vuo 2.1.2, which fixes the crash in Resolume. You’ll need to re-export your Vuo compositions as FFGL plugins.


It’s working! Thank you!

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