Fill 2D Shapes From Points

From topic Is there a way to simply fill a polygon with an unlit colour or image? these are some simple compositions attempting to fill flat 3D shapes created from a list of points using Smokris Reinterpret Object node

Any improvement and other shapes welcome.

Includes a simple graph, another simple graph starting and fading out to zero values, a graph with audio amplitudes as values (and one used as a mask on a gradient).
A circle distorted with noise, a simple circle distorted with values, and an audio distorted circle.

They are shaded with a simple unlit color. For other shaders like images and gradients, it would probably been doable using Karl Henkel’s “Make mesh With Values” custom node.

EDIT A : Added a way to make a line with smooth filled straight angles. However, the line itself has no uniform height.

Fill 2D Shapes From Points (21.3 KB)

4 - Graph Audio - (12.8 MB)

Audio - Full.png

Audio - Gradient2.png

Circle - Audio.png

Normal - From Zero.png