Filter out same value

Hey guys!

Just wanting to make sure I haven’t missed something super simple. I want to do some filtering of midi output (before sending into Mainstage) of a HID controller- the basic idea is to filter out messages that are the same, so as not to spam the IAC bus with duplicate messages. I have implemented this on the arduino side- but 10bit → midi can quantise lots of events to the same value.

Without using an enqueue node (with other nodes to compare current and last value) is there a single node that does this in Vuo? (I would really like one node to do this, as I can use imagine it’s quite important when sending controller data outside Vuo).

It’s a very super simple node- if there isn’t I’m happy to make it and contribute it to Vuo, but I have a feeling it may be there but I just don’t know the name.


Allow Changes node?

Ok, great! Can there be a few keywords added to that node description? I was searching for filter; duplicate; signal; same; message. Is that ok? Should I do a FR for this?

No need for a FR — I just added some keywords. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks Jaymie. There are a few other nodes I would like keywords added to as well- (but I can’t remember right now!) I’ll make a new discussion when I remember.