(filter value transitions) smoothly transitioning between to confined set of random values


Im trying to add some randomness to certain aspects of a video by using a random value node and connecting it to the parameters of a solarize image node that the video feeds into. The whole idea is that there is a certain value range that looks good between these two defined set of values, I want the value node to pick one of these values and then transition smoothly to the next random value in this range. But Im confused on how to make it transition smoothly between two these defined minimum and maximum values.
There is a lot that I still don’t fully understand about Vuo. I thought that using a wave node would allow me to animate and transition the rate smoothly over time though Im not getting the results that Im looking for by plugging in the random value node into the amplitude port of the wave node. Additionally not sure if the random value node also needs an event cable to function, at the moment I have an event node plugged into both minimum and maximum. Like wises if they’re even in the correct order. If anyone has any advice for me it would gladly be appreciated.

Easiest approach is to use a make noise value instead of random value.

I searched the node library, Im not sure if there is a make noise value node.

Orange is what Martinus meant I guess.
Green also with periodic values smoothened over time.
Joined comp.


Methods.vuo (2.73 KB)

There are different ways to approach things in Vuo, depending on the final result you want. When I thought about this, I thought about sequential images that had random input, but where the input values were different enough so it was easy to see the change between them. I also thought that it would be nice to have a separate control of how fast one image merged into the next. So here is my composition. You can change the Threshold and Sharpness values to serve your needs, while the Period input will change how fast the images transition.

method2.zip (299 KB)

My colleague told me that my comment about Random Value with Seed is not necessary. The two node instances will use different seeds. I appreciate the correction! We’re all learning.