fire at audio rate with external audio interface

Steps to reproduce the bug

  • plug an external audio device usb yamaha ag 06
  • in system preferences - audio, set it as default output device
  • open a new Vuo workspace and insert a “fire at audio rate” node
  • run it
  • the node outputs 0s instead of time value.

Have you found a workaround?


Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.4.4
  • macOS version: 11.7
  • Mac model and CPU: macbook pro 11,3
  • Have you been able to reproduce the bug? yes
  • How severely does this bug affect you? not at all

@cremaschi, could you check Vuo’s console (Tools > Show Console) to see whether there are any audio-related messages?

Hi, here it is:

[  69.254s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:main    ]  VuoEditorComposition:7110                      operator()()  Untitled Composition:      Detach popover for FireAtAudioRate:requestedChannels
[  66.052s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]                            link()  Linking '/var/folders/0_/97m79v9s7333j0461kw94x7c0000gn/T/VuoComposition-euwmDd-resource-nonunloadable-IC7SA8.dylib' (arm64)…
[  66.176s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]                            link()  	Linking     took  0.12s
[  66.188s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]                            link()  Linking '/var/folders/0_/97m79v9s7333j0461kw94x7c0000gn/T/VuoComposition-euwmDd.dylib' (arm64)…
[  66.328s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]                            link()  	Linking     took  0.14s
[  66.350s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]              replaceComposition()  Loading composition…
[   0.606s] VuoCompositi:VuoHeap      [17934:16ae9b00]        VuoEventLoop.m:286                  VuoThermalState()  thermalState = nominal
[  67.048s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]              replaceComposition()  	Done.
[   0.691s] VuoCompositi:VuoModuleCac [17934:16ae9b00]      VuoAudioOutputDevice_realize()  Requested device:          { }
[   0.701s] VuoCompositi:VuoModuleCac [17934:16ae9b00]      VuoAudioOutputDevice_realize()  Using default device:      { "id": 0, "modelUid": "AG06\/AG03:0499:170D", "name": "Yamaha Corporation: AG06\/AG03", "channelCount": 2 }
[  67.881s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:16d5cf00]  VuoFileUtilitiesCoco:154   VuoFileUtilitiesCocoa_focusProce  GetProcessForPID(17934) failed: -600
[  67.967s]          Vuo:Vuo          [17837:main    ]  VuoEditorComposition:7094            enablePopoverForPort()  Untitled Composition:      Open   popover for FireAtAudioRate:requestedChannels

Well, the logs don’t indicate anything unusual. Thanks for checking; at least it rules out some possible problems.

It might be a problem with incompatible sample rate. Is your Yamaha AG06 using 48 kHz or something else? If something else, does this workaround help?


AEG seems 48kHz, I upload a screenshot.

Anyway, with the workaround the issue is not present anymore.


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