Fire event from all `Fire on Start` nodes when a shortcut key is pressed

[Original title: Fire Event from all “Fire at Start” nodes when the “Q” key is pressed]

I’m looking for effortless comp wide revaluation whenever I need it, and think this is the most effortless way to implement the request for Vuo team. I don’t want to pan around to find the Fire on Start node(s) and interact with it then go back to what i was doing.

It’s an extension of my earlier request for Firing an event for a Node when user changes an input value in the Editor would be a quick shortcut for firing off execution of all the “fire at start” nodes. I find myself stoping and starting composition a lot while playing with it and this is tedious.

This is a suggestion in parallel with much broader discussion about Node execution rules/timing/generalities that’s happened in a few places, most recently by George here and here on Vuo Facebook page. Also here. I don’t see this request as a substitute for a more considered look at the problem, especially for new user comprehension of Vuo, just as a stop gap and augmenting it.

Opened for voting.

I edited the title of the feature request to leave the shortcut key open. Since there’s already ⌘T to re-fire event, how about ⌘⇧T to re-fire all Fire on Start events? Any particular reason you had suggested the bare Q key? (Possible issues: doesn’t follow Mac convention, and it’s similar to ⌘Q for quit.)

@jstrecker If this could be filled in 1.3 too (if not too complicated) I guess it could already make several guys like George Toledo smile (until some deeper auto refresh method with specific time evaluation systems like QC).

With the chosen to be implemented “Fire an event from Node when an input value is changed in the Editor” adding this will allow both a node level update function as well as a top upstream chain level refresh option.

One could even imagine an option in Vuo preferences to Refire all the “Fire on start” nodes when a node value is changed !?!

Perhaps the idea I submitted above could be a OR preference.

When a node is modified, fire an event from that node OR fire an event from all the “Fire on start” nodes … ?

reason for Q was that it’s easy to find on the keyboard and suggests “cue”.

I think Command keys are good for things that you don’t want to accidentally click (Quit/Close/Save) but i wanted it to be lighter weight solution than ⌘+⇧+“T”.

its going to be a compromise between all these ideas and I’m not well placed to know the best place to refire events from but I would like it to be a single key that does the firing.

many pro apps (Adobe CC, loads of 3D apps) use single a-z keys as tool shortcuts. to me refiring events is almost a tool in itself.

Origami did a great job adding keyboard shortcuts to QC for most of their patches. 10 out of 10 Origami for that, saves so much time. especially when, unlike Vuo node library which is excellent, the QC patch library is frustratingly obtuse at search since ~v4.0.

Hey folks, coming over from a somewhat duplicate thread:

My 2c

  1. I think the functionality should include all Fire Events. And perhaps even a reset of the **Allow First Event’ node, because it’s common to have a complex system that expects everything to be reset at once.

  2. I’m pitching for using the Spacebar (and ignoring if mouse click also detect, per the panning gesture). My reasoning is, that this is a really fundamental part of the building process. Much like how an audio sequencer, or video editor etc will often assign Spacebar to the ‘playback’ button.

  3. I’d love to see it get a Toolbar button

I’m curious @keithlang, what do you use to pan the Editor window with? I would hate to lose spacebar for pan. I’d like to see zoom in and zoom out modifier keys added to it like is standardised in hundreds of graphic design and 3D software.

what about ‘control’ + ‘Spacebar’? or make it user definable in preferences?

If a “Fire all ‘Fire at Start nodes’” command was implemented as Vuo menu item then we could assign our own shortcut in the macOS System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts> Applications. It should override the panning (or do both) if you set it for spacebar.

regards point 1. I’m open minded on that, haven been using Vuo for ages (will come back) so if that is better in most contexts then sure.

point 3 makes perfect sense. (but point the arrows “forwards” please haha :-) )  

After reading the comments, this seems more like a “restart composition (in place)” feature (which would be handy). It can be a bit stop/start heavy sometimes when noodling, which combined with the window not popping up where you want it can be an annoyance.

@useful_design I totally agree—wouldn’t want to lose pan. I’m proposing that functionality still works. Just if you hit space and never actually do some mousing, then it re-evaluates all the nodes/ re-fires. Not dead-set on Spacebar. Maybe Enter (and/or Return) would work? I like Enter because I have an extended keyboard and its next to my Mouse.

You can assign your own keys, but they must include a modifier. Ie, we couldn’t assign Enter, or Space, or just ‘Q’, for example.
RE: point 3, it’s ‘rewinding’ so should be pointing to the left, no?

@MartinusMagneson. Yes — restart in place would be great. Even if this forced reloading of images etc, I assume this is pretty much instant on modern SSDs and so forth.  

Just if you hit space and never actually do some mousing, then it re-evaluates all the nodes/ re-fires.

Oh ok, I wonder if that will work and not accidentally mis-fire all the time. Someone could prototype it and see what delay timings work, if any. And make sure key re-bounce triggering is avoided.

RE: point 3, it’s ‘rewinding’ so should be pointing to the left, no?

Given the FR is called “Fire event from all Fire on Start nodes when a shortcut key is pressed” I thought this was more about firing nodes which to me is more associated with —>> than <<— TBH.

Also it’s not so much rewind to start, as it is ‘goto start and go forwards’ (as opposed to restarting the compiling for the viewer composition). nothing goers backwards.

:clapper: would be good for new take, but will be confused in Vuo for record movie file so no good.

I came up with this one:

differentArtboard 2-8.png

but it might be confusing if there is a button for Restart Viewer (⇧⌘R) which should get the first half of that. hmmm the semiotics of button icons…



We’ve bumped up the complexity on this feature request to address the additional community input.