Fire event when Live Audio Loudness reaches a certain threshold?

Greetings all,
Loving Vuo! Very powerful. Been learning a lot from tweaking the example compositions however am a bit stuck on how to go about creating an audio gate trigger of sorts.

I’m looking to fire an event (‘Go forward’ through a list node) each time audio dynamics from the ‘Live Audio’ → ‘Calculate Loudness’ exceeds a certain threshold. I’ve been playing around with maths / boolean nodes but no luck yet, any tips from the experts?

I think you would use the Is Greater Than, which would return a true value if the loudness exceeds whatever value you put in. But I’m not 100% sure.

I would guess that if you need the True to stick around for awhile, you would use Smooth with Duration, after the Is Greater Than…but there doesn’t seem to be separate time parameters for In/Out, like in QC. Maybe Exponential with Easing set to Out.

Thanks @George_Toledo. Just tried the ‘Is Greater Than’ node and it does convert the integer into a boolean true/false however when connected to a list, it will fire for both true and false states and rapidly cycles through the list at the default audio sampling rate. At least am one node closer now. Will dig deeper…

How about Became True?

Adding a ‘Select Output’ to take the ‘Is Greater Than’ argument and adding that to the ‘Go Forward’ input on the list seems to the do the trick! Some smoothing is required to hold the true value for a longer and more useful duration.

Nice, that node is even simpler. Seems to work a little smoother as well. Thanks @jstrecker