Fisheye camera

Following on from the equirectangular camera node, here is something similar for fisheye. Not really a “solution” but how one might do it, the shader is only a few lines different from the equirectangular shader in the last posting.
Hang on I hear you say, doesn’t Vuo already have a fisheye camera? Well yes, but it is missing some key functionality and well has having those weird “vignetting” options. The way I’ve done it here one is not limited to under 180 degrees, indeed there are examples of domes greater than 180 degrees, not to mention that fisheye projections in general are not limited to 180 … indeed it is defined for any angle, even above 360 degrees. Examples attached for 90, 180, 250, and 360 degree fisheye, note these options are not “exposed” yet as this is just a proof of concept, hou need to edit in the shader. There is also the option in the shader to remove the fisheye circle clamping. (11.3 MB)

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