Force Image Generator to size?

Is there a way to force the Image Generator → comp viewer window size to some specific dimensions (that then sends back to Height/Width input ports)? For example, I can set the size for a Render Layers to Image just prior to output, but the comp viewer window remains 1024 x 768 (with fitted image) until I drag the window size.

I can see that this could be a moot point for some important use cases, like using the protocol as a plugin for other software (VDMX, et al.) Here I’m looking to send an image via Syphon.

If you render layers to image with a size set in the node, it will stay that size when you send it through syphon. The scaled output that you see shouldn’t matter.

I see that, yes. Also appreciate having a resizable comp window when sending to syphon. Though this way I guess I shouldn’t use the width/height from image generator input as constants to control anything.

If you’re running it as a plugin in CoGe or VDMX I think you’d have to use the w/h inputs to get the canvas size from the application. You can also use a vuo.window.* node to set window properties. Resizing an image before outputting (either through the comp or Syphon) using the “resize image” node could also produce the desired result.

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Thanks, Magneson, got it!