Freeframe effects store hosting?

Hello all,
When we get the ability to export FFGL effects/Fxplugs I think it could be a good idea to pool our efforts and sell them (and give them away if desired) from a store page here at Vuo.

It would drive some traffic towards the website and show the potential of Vuo to a wide audience.
We could possibly agree a commission with the team to help with further development.
It might save us from repeating our work and help avoid any potential issues with using shared compositions and utilising each others work.

I’m sure the team can tell us if there are any issues they envisage with this proposal and if it’s something they would wish to implement.
Just a suggestion hope you can all let me know what you think.

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If some people are interested in selling plugins, then yes, we’d be open to hosting a simple store. However…

Caveat venditor (let the seller beware) — With the initial release of FFGL and FxPlug exporting in Vuo 2.0, there will be no copy protection. If someone bought your plugin, they could then turn around and share it with an unlimited number of people. Would copy protection for plugins be a prerequisite for a store? (If you think so, please create a feature request for it.)

Another option would be a plugin gallery, similar to the node gallery and composition gallery. Plugins would be free, with the option to tip the author via Flattr or PayPal (same as already exists in the node gallery and composition gallery).

With the initial release of FFGL and FxPlug exporting in Vuo 2.0, there will be no copy protection.

I wonder if it would be possible to set up the vuo comp (to be used as FxPlug) so that there would be a numeric (or alpha numeric) parameter (published from the comp) so it would render with a “watermark” of some kind until an acceptable “unlock code” was entered into that parameter (after which the watermark would be set to transparent etc…) and I guess ideally the comp would need to write the fact that it was licensed to disk and check for it on future instances etc. Such a basic layer of copy protection wouldn’t be too hard for someone to crack if they really tried but it might help at least keep honest people honest and be better than nothing… but maybe if that were possible you’d already have done it : )

Copy protection is not a big worry for me.
There will always be people who want something for nothing, especially VJ’s who are starting out.
It would not be a massive issue if they were shared with a couple of friends or colleagues.
If the price is low enough, say $5 or less then you’d have to be a (insert derogatory term) not to pay for it.  

@kingluma — Yes, I suppose you could implement some kind of basic copy protection along those lines.

@Scratchpole — As long as you’re not worried about someone posting the plugin on some other website for free download.

I guess the next step is, after the Vuo 2.0 beta release, contact Team Vuo if you have plugins you want to sell. Once there are several plugins to sell, we can set up a store page. Nothing fancy, just a list of plugins with product descriptions and Buy buttons. We’d take a cut of the sales just to cover the payment processing fees. (To give you a sense of that: For a $5 international payment, PayPal takes 11%; for $10, PayPal takes 8%; for $20, PayPal takes 6%.) The remainder would go to the seller.