Freeframe Generators in Resolume

Hello all,
Just testing a couple of freeframe image generators in Resolume 7.10 and noticed something which I don’t think should be happenning.
When I drop a generator into a clip slot it starts running. It shows two copies of the bundle as running apps in my dock and they both use resources as shown by the activity monitor even though they are not triggered. I assume that’s not expected behaviour. It would soon consume a lot of resources with a few different generators in my project.
Hope that’s something you can investigate and fix at your end.

Only some FFGL plugins should show a Dock icon — those that use a Render * to Window node or certain other nodes that require a macOS application instance. Other FFGL plugins run without any icon.

The fact that you’re seeing two icons is actually due to a performance improvement in Vuo 2.4.0 to reduce latency when triggering a Vuo FFGL plugin. Basically, Vuo stays one step ahead of Resolume in terms of starting plugins running. When Resolume launches, Vuo initiates a process for each plugin. These processes sit idly until you trigger a plugin in Resolume. Then the plugin starts doing its thing. And, since the process was already running, the plugin is able to start working without waiting the tenths of a second for the process to launch. Once you’ve triggered a plugin, Vuo initiates a process for another copy of the plugin in case you need it again.

When I say that the processes sit idly, I’m assuming that your plugins aren’t doing any work in the background. If the only time they’re doing any processing is when they’re receiving events through the protocol published input ports, then you’re fine. However, if Activity Monitor shows your plugins using a significant amount of resources, then you should check if those compositions have triggers that are causing them to execute constantly (or share the compositions here if you’re not sure).

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