fullscreen window across multiple screens

Hi All,

I want to stretch a single vuo.layer.render.window across multiple (3) monitors.

When I set the window size and position all works really good, and can playing multiple things on different positions across all the monitors each on their respective hdmi outputs. But, now I want to go full screen… to hide the menu bar and window title, and the window jumps in to the first of the screens, goes fullscreen in that one, leaving the other screens blank.

I would expect to be able to have the window size set to 5760x1080 (in a 3x HD screen setup), set the window border to 0, and also hide the apple menu bar (this is what I would do in Max) effectively creating the fullscreen look manually.

Is there a way of doing this in vuo??

An option would be to use a matrox triple head splitter, but found this to be pretty unstable in my last installation, and also want to avoid the expense.

Appreciate any help or suggestions.
many thnx - Carlitos

Make one image/layer then crop the three sections and send to three output windows using Change Fullscreen Status to send the portions to the outputs where they are required.

If you want a better option to have a single spanned output a Datapath x4 is much better than the Matrox boxes.


Thanks Joe, got it working, perfect.
I have also used a Datapath, and agree with you, they’re really robust… But I do wish they’d make a mac version of the config software.
thanks again!

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