FXPlug unable to receive (multiple) image inputs? (It works in FFGL?)

Hello! I’m working with a composition (image filter) using the Make Palette From Image and Map Image to Palette nodes, and setting it up so the Make Palette gets the palette NOT from the primary image input, but from a secondary image port. This way I can take the palette from one source and apply it to another (and in larger projects, have multiple layers with multiple Vuo effects get the same palette from a single source)

The composition works as intented exported as FFGL in VDMX 5, I can insert a secondary layer for the Make Palette input, works great.

BUT… it does not work when exported as a FxPlug in Motion 5. The effect loads and presents an image well, but the ouput from the composition is black, and it does not show anything either when I drop an asset or layer into the image well.

Does FxPlug not support image inputs except for the primary input? And/or do I have to go about this differently for FxPlug image inputs?

In brief testing, we weren’t able to get this working with an image filter composition either.

However, it does work with an image generator composition, like in the below example.

image_generator_with_2_image_inputs.vuo (2.5 KB)

Neat, Jaymie, that works indeed! Thank you!

And changing from Filter to Generator was a breeze, I just Control-clicked the Input port area and changed the protocol and exported to FxPlug. Boom, now it works great in Motion. Awesome!