General performance compared to QC

Hi all,

I’ve just started to explore Vuo, coming from the QC age that’s been falling apart - slowly but steadily ;-)
Currently, I’m just browsing through some examples I noticed a HUGE (negative) difference in performance compared to some things I’m able to do in QC on the same hardware. For example, the quite simple “PlayMoviesAndCameraOnCube” sample patch is dropping about 50% of the frames.

This should not at all be the case on a 2.5 i7 with 16 GB. However, this system is still running on Lion (10.7.5) – mainly because of the compatibility with lots of the old Kineme plugins.

Can someone tell me if there is a really big performance hit compared to 10.8 or higher? Or is Vuo just not yet at a level where it can actually compete with QC for live performance?

Hope to get some insight on this, thanks!

I’m also wondering about this, and also how the structuring of compositions should be done. Yesterday I sat down and started on some dual projector work. I thought it would be fitting to try out Vuo for this application as it shouldn’t be too hard for the computer (mainly lines), and dual output is childs play in Vuo. To achieve a somewhat interesting look, I thought that meshes could provide a good starting point. I made two simple line meshes, just scanning the display for each of the projectors, and ended up with something choppy. Thought it could have something to do with too large of a resolution (although the projectors only are 1024 x 768) so I rendered to a smaller 500px x 500px image first, and then sent it to each of the projectors. Still choppy. I then fired up QC, 1024 Wave with syphon output, into Vuo, and got a decent smooth result. Still at 500px x 500px, I tried upping it to the native resolution, no chopping. Mac is a MacBook Pro, i7, 16GB Ram and Intel graphics.

As I got the picture out through Vuo, I’m suspecting I’m building it wrongly. As it is a somewhat simple task, it wasn’t comforting to notice that even that could make it lag that much. I’ve built far more expansive and heavy things badly in QC that ran smoothly on my old macbook which was a C2D with barely enough power to get a fullscreen on one projector with no other tasks running. I took care to not fire anything that wasn’t strictly needed to get stuff displayed other than at start, but still it was too much.

Is there guides for building and what you have to think about when doing stuff with Vuo compared to QC, or is it the mesh/3d engine in combination with my specs that messes things up?


Can you provide the specific composition(s)? We’re investigating performance issues with certain compositions, such as those reported in this bug report. Thanks for your support!

No problem, the attachment is where I was when the choppyness started. If you swap the render scene to image with a render scene to window, it shouldn’t make any difference. I also have the same problem with the laggy editor, scrolling around in the editor can sometimes be a bit of a chore when the comp is running. From the looks of the specs for the bug report you mentioned, could it be an intel graphics card issue?. I haven’t checked resource usage on this as my fans didn’t kick in, but I have an i7 and 16GB ram, so it takes a bit more to really get it going.

DualProjTest1.vuo (9.03 KB)

Small update, ran the composition again, no projectors connected. When scrolling around the editor the CPU usage bumped up to a whooping 90%! Granted, I was scrolling around like a crazy person, but still. Normal scrolling puts it up to about 50-60%. Idle, the editor sits at 25-29% CPU usage. Interestingly the Composition itself didn’t bounce around much, but was around 23-30% throughout the whole thing.


We’ve put better fast scrolling performance in our queue of items to improve Vuo composition rendering on the Editor canvas. Thanks!