Generate white noise using audio node?

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White noise is essentially many/all frequencies with equal amplitude. Is it possible to use “Make Audio Wave” to trigger all/many frequencies at the same time with the same amplitude?

Not with Make Audio Wave, but with Make Random List — example attached.

noise.vuo (1.23 KB)

Thanks for this. I ended up doing it very similarly except I used values of 0 and 20000 for my min and max items in the list to represent the range of audible frequencies. May not have made much difference but for some reason it’s a lot louder in mine.

GenerateWhiteNoise.vuo (7.55 KB)

The numbers generated by Make Random List are meant to be amplitudes, not frequencies.

The amplitudes in noise.vuo range from -0.1 to 0.1. Since the amplitudes in GenerateWhiteNoise.vuo range from 0 to 20000, it’s going to be a lot louder (and the waveform won’t be centered at 0).

Since this is an uncorrelated random number generator, it should already be generating all frequencies up to the nyquist (48000/2 = 24000 in Vuo’s case) at roughly equal amplitudes.

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Thanks for the clarification!