Get List Item index when connecting list to single port

Branched from an idea by @martinusmagneson on Add drawers to output ports right now when we connect a list to a non-list port we get :

• First Item
• Last Item
• Random Item
• And I guess when the “Allow List To Single Ports” will be implemented, the team will probably also add an “Iterate List” option.

The idea here would be to get also either a “Get Item at Index” that would have a sub-menu listing the indexes (may be a problem in the case of very very long lists) or better as Martinus suggested, a prompt that would allow us to enter an index value (integer).
This would avoid having to manually add "Get Item`nodes in between.

Interesting idea. It would save space on the canvas. Opened for voting.

Alternatively have a few mini-Nodes like QC|Origami has like the Math and Logic patches that collapse to non-standard display.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 7.11.43 pm.png