Get scene, and reverse flashlight


I am trying to make a 3d Scene based on at trigonometric shape that I have. It’s in .dae format.

Afterwards i want the shape to be lit up and presented from two different angles, to have all the faces visible simultaneously.

The lights should also center on the object, and be spin able around its axis.

I am sure this is possible, but wonder if someone can give me a heads up.


Uploaded a picture of my progress so far. Managed to get the scene viewed from one angle, but Im not happy with the accuracy yet. I also need to fire it from at least two more angles. Any tips?

I’ve also tried this, the problem is that their not actually the same scene. Could probably make it look like it is, but that’s a hussle.

Is it actually possible to use cameras and light at the same time? Sorry, pretty new to this.

Take a look at the examples inside the vuo.scene folder. Especially Compare4Cameras and AimFlashlight examples.

I figured it out. Thanx!


Nice work, mnstri and bnvisuals!

By the way, does any of you know why my 3d-shape appears to be put of-center when I put it in a scene. I have to compensate for the mismatch afterwords. This also creates problems later on.


Hey Brik,

Hope creating is going swell. I missed your comment when I previously browsed our questions — For the 0.8 release, objects will automatically be normalized and centered. Hope this helps!