Fires a stream of “special characters” (sometimes called alt-codes or unicode).

Vuo seems to support some special characters but not others, it took me a while to figure out what characters will work. The characters are in a text file and then get spat out via an enqeue node and make text layer.

I would have liked that it either starts writing from the top rather than the bottom, but I couldn’t figure that out in the short term, there seems to be some limitations with the “window alignment” options. Any ideas let me know!

Please attribute to Ravestabber


It won’t take much to turn this into a FFGL plug and use it in Resolume. That’s up to you however.

fire special characters.vuo (13.4 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 11.07.16.png


It’s a good idea to use “allow changes” nodes when converting to FFGL - those ports in Resolume seem to fire constantly(?) which can disrupt the triggers if you’re not careful! Also I was disappointed to find this chew through way more CPU than I expected. Seems like the text layer node just doesn’t like being hundreds of characters long. Write back if you have any ideas.

Seems like the text layer node just doesn’t like being hundreds of characters long.

Yep. We took some time profiles, and indeed most of the CPU time is spent rendering text. We already have it set up to cache rendered text so it will skip re-rendering the same text, but since the text is constantly changing here, that doesn’t really help. Tentatively, it looks like most of the rendering time is spent in Apple’s CoreText.

Fortunately, for this particular composition, you could avoid rendering large blocks of text by using Blend Image with Feedback. See attached example.

Typing-BlendImageWithFeedback.vuo (6.28 KB)