Graph Animation

A composition to load data from a CSV file and draw a line graph with option to make a spline between the datapoints. The composition takes multiple data sets and animates the line or spline through each dataset one by one (corresponding to years in this data). It uses smoothing for each point in the dataset to make a smooth transition from one year to the next.

I’m using std Mac font Helvetica Neue for some of the labels and Geomanist (shareware/pay is up to you) for others, you’ll need to change if you don’t want to get it.

The first cycle through the data there’s a little skip bug in the smoothing or something for the first data point, I’m not sure why if anybody cares to identify source of bug I’ll fix it. I record from VUO and then cut out the first loop. Trying to make it into an image generator filter so I can do offline rendering (although renders fine in realtime on my 2015 MBP). (17.3 KB)

Useful Graph (13.1 MB)