Grid of movies?

Can I load a folder of movies (specifically, animated GIF’s) and play them all in a grid?

To put it another way, I would like to use @khenkel’s Muybridge Movie comp, but instead of one gif, load a folder of gif’s and have a different gif play on each frame. (3.82 MB)

After thinking about my goal, I think I would approach this differently, having separate, limited number of players fed by folder lists of URL’s per player loading movies, then arranging the movies on a grid, or whatever.

I may be very very wrong here but I can’t figure out a way to automatically do this using “Process list” neither.

I guess Allow changing single-value ports to accept lists (turn most nodes into iterators) will allow that.

Here’s a composition, courtesy of @smokris. It first grabs all the frames in the animated GIFs. On each Requested Frame event, it selects the frame for each movie for the current time (looping) and displays the frames in a grid.

PlayGridOfAnimatedGifs.vuo (2.68 KB)

smokris.getLayersAtTime.vuo (4.93 KB)

smokris.loadFramesInMovies.vuo (4.08 KB) (8.2 MB)

Awesome to know that’s possible. Thanks a ton to @smokris. That’s a mind twister with the Build List with Hold List feeding back to Append List inside the feedback loop of Process List feeding to another Hold List. yikes…

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth and I need to spend some time with it, but at first glance I’m wondering about how the comp uses List Files to load images and play a constant number of frames at a constant 10 fps. Knowing how gif’s are made, this fps makes sense in a general way, but what about gifs with varying frame times/# of frames? (And does the List Files node set to find movies play gif’s with frame times intact?)